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A storytelling game of personal horror, Inspired by World Of Darkness
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 Coven & Senate

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PostSubject: Coven & Senate   Coven & Senate Icon_minitimeTue May 24, 2011 8:47 pm

The City has no singular Prince since the previous one has been incarcerated by the Coven.
Although all vampires of the City are technically part of the Coven, its Council are blood-bound.
They are called the Senate. Politically they are mostly Anarchs.
The Senate is notoriously lax at upholding the Vampiric Traditions, although their use of the Blood Hunt is frequent.
A blood-bound human gestapo, the City Secret Police (CSP), is relied upon heavily.
The Coven has mixed relationships with other supernatural entities occupying the City and surrounding environments.
The Senate maintain a strict secrecy, for their own protection; wearing black hooded robes whenever they meet.
Generally, the terms Coven and Senate are used interchangeably by most of the City vampires.

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Coven & Senate
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